For anyone who did not have the opportunity to attend the recent on-line meeting please see the information below

Emily Haswell from Sevenoaks District Council presented the latest raft of grants available to businesses looking to reduce their carbon footprint. The deadline for submitting applications is already looming but this is not for the completion of your project, consider it a registering of intent instead. The grants are generous in amount and in scope, don’t automatically consider your organisation does not fit the criteria, the interpretation is broad, especially the definitions for ‘commercial premises’. For example, grants are available for changing to LED lights as much as for changing boilers.

Almost all of the Sevenoaks District is interpreted as rural, invaluable when considering capital expenditure. Contact business@sevenoaks.gov.uk to be added to the list for further information as it becomes available.






Paul Baker from Wealden Properties Ltd presented practical information on working with the free Kent County Council premises energy assessment including:

  • The assessment process used in his tenants’ premises and the outcomes of the analysis.
  • Decision making having analysed the results. Quick wins or long term investment? Who pays?
  • EPC (Energy Performance Certificates) ratings and the frustrations of dealing with these in both residential and commercial properties.